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Things You Should Buy for Your Guinea Pig

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Guinea Pigs are one of the creatures that can make wonderful pets. These are classified as rodents but do not actually behave like the other rodents. They are not generally a ‘beginner’s pet’ or a pet that can be handled easily by a young child. Let’s see few of the essential things needed for this wonderful animal which is neither from Guinea nor a pig.

  1. A water bottle

Like all the other rodents, these need a water bottle and not a water bowl from which they drink water. A hanging bottle with a ball bearing vacuum valve will solve the purpose. Also, try to choose a chew-proof bottle. The Guinea pigs chew off the things inside their cage.  Hence, the chemicals in the bottle should not affect the little creature.

  1. Chew Toys

As I said, these creatures chew a lot. This is because of their open rooted tooth which never stops from growing. Hence they have to keep chewing and munching on something so that they don’t grow dangerously long. The food Hay does a good job in wearing down the teeth, but still some wooden chew toys are important. If we don’t get the chew toys and wear down the teeth constantly, we have to take it to the vet to wear it down and it’s a very complex process.

  1. Nail Scissors

Just like the teeth, the Guinea Pigs nails also grow long and long and keeps growing.  Also, make sure to buy nail scissors designed for the size of rodents and not of the dogs or cats because like other animals, Guinea Pigs also have a ‘quick’ in their nails which shouldn’t be cut.

  1. A Small Broom/ Dustpan

These are adorable creatures but are generally hay processing machines! You will surprised to see the amount of clean up you need to do in their cages. Probably buying a mini dustpan that goes right into the cage will be best option as we need to do it at least twice a day.

  1. Hidey Spots

The creatures are generally very shy in nature and need a place to hide other than the regular cage. These spots can be anything- a simple carton box or multi story architecture whichever fits the budget. Always try to have at least two hidey spots for one Guinea pig.

Hence, these are few important things we should be having especially for the Guinea pigs then the regular ones like cages, hays, Vitamins etc which are important for all the creatures


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